5 Garage Organization Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

5 Garage Organization Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

Wouldn’t it be nice to park your car in the garage this winter when it’s cold outside? Imagine not feeling stressed when walking through your garage to enter your home at the end of a busy day? It’s amazing some of the people I talk to don’t even care about parking in their garage – and the people without a garage would love to park in one!

Garage clutter is one of those things on the To Do List that’s easy to put off – who wants to spend their precious weekend cleaning out the garage when it would be so much more fun and relaxing to hit some breweries with friends or go hiking with the fam?

If you do find yourself at the breaking point with your garage, here are some things to keep in mind while organizing:

1.    Pull Everything Out of the Garage

That’s right! Everything needs to come out of the garage and be sorted by category – tools, lawn and garden equipment, kid’s stuff, pool/beach stuff, sports equipment, holiday décor, home project supplies, etc. By doing this, you can easily see what you have…and maybe have too much of!

2.    Donate What You Don’t Need

Now that it’s all in front of you, you can easily edit the stuff you don’t want or use anymore – donate, sell or trash. There are usually lots of toys and sports equipment that the kids outgrow or that is no longer used laying around taking up valuable space.

3.    Identify Your Ideal Storage Solution

Figure out what the best kind of shelving and containers will be for you! Ask yourself, “Where are they are going to live in the garage – or can some items be relocated to another storage area?”

I often tell my clients that taking advantage of vertical shelving is key to keeping the floor clear and being able to park your car in your garage. These heavy-duty plastic shelves are a favorite of mine and a great way to create more storage. Plus, they are budget-friendly! You’ll get stuff off the floor so it’s less likely to fall over or get dirty. This is especially good for lawn and sports equipment.

The Rubbermaid Fast Track is easy to install and is versatile enough to hang all sorts of items. If you have tall ceilings, a loft shelf is a great way to create extra space for items you don’t use very often – camping equipment, turkey fryer, holiday décor, etc.

See more of my favorite storage tools on my Amazon list.

4.    Clean Your Garage

It might seem like a small thing but taking the time to clean your garage is a step that many people overlook. Refresh your walls with a coat of paint while you are at it and you’d be surprised how much it can improve the space.

5.    Organize Strategically

Put items back in their bins strategically so you (and others!) can keep the garage organized and functional!

6.    Enjoy Your Newly Organized Garage Space

Now that the hard work is done, you can finally enjoy parking in the garage this winter while everyone is running late scraping the ice off their windshield!


Less Clutter, More Life

If these tips worked for you, share some pictures of your garage clean-up! Or if you are feeling overwhelmed and would like some help, let’s chat!


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