Whether you’re Team “WOO-WHO 😊!” or Team “BOO-HOO !” the beginning of a new school year is a great time for a routine refresh! By creating some simple guidelines, you can eliminate chaotic mornings and evenings of yesteryear and give the kids the best chance at a successful school year.




Night Before Preparation Tips for a Smooth Start:

  • Lay out clothes
  • Pack lunch
  • Pack backpack and put by the front door
  • Sign any paperwork
  • Lay out after school activity gear
  • Put out breakfast supplies (cereal boxes, bowls, spoons, etc.)


Morning Routine Tips: Start Your Day with Calm and Efficiency:

  • Remain calm and eliminate chaos as much as possible
  • Wake up 30 minutes before your kids and enjoy your coffee in peace
  • Give kids plenty of time in the morning to get ready so they don’t start off their day feeling rushed and annoyed
  • For younger kids, create a morning routine checklist (eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, etc.) so they get used to knowing what to do and will need less prodding from you overtime. 
  • PRO TIP – Keep an extra toothbrush and hairbrush in the downstairs bathroom – it saves you time from going up and down the stairs


Home Organization Tips for a Smooth Back to School Season:

  • Organize lunch items in one part of the fridge and pantry for fast and easy lunch prep.
  • Inventory last year’s school supplies before going out to buy more.
  • Create a dedicated space at home for your kids to store their school supplies and technology.
  • Add some kid-friendly organization solutions, like low hooks for kids’ coats and shoe baskets or cubbies to your entryway.
  • Establish rules for where kids should put lunchboxes, etc. when they come home.
  • Dedicate a rack in the garage, basement or entryway for sports equipment.
  • Set up a laundry system that makes it easy to sort and wash clothes. Make sure the kids’ rooms and/ or bathrooms have a laundry basket (preferably without a lid).
  • Establish a homework station with school supplies. 
  • Create a list of age-appropriate chores.


Kids Bedroom Organization: Smart Solutions for Tidy Spaces

  • Use under-the-bed storage for off-season clothes and toys that aren’t regularly used.
  • Set up a hanging organizer in your child’s closet with five slots for clothes, one for each day of the week.
  • Inventory your kids’ wardrobes and toss/donate things they’ve outgrown.


As the new school year approaches, taking the time to refresh your routines and organize your home can make a world of difference for both parents and kids. By implementing the back-to-school tips we’ve shared, you can bid farewell to the chaos of the past and embrace a more streamlined and efficient daily life. Remember, it’s okay to take things one step at a time; even small changes can lead to significant improvements. 

So whether you’re excitedly cheering for Team “WOO-WHO!” or feeling a bit melancholic as part of Team “BOO-HOO,” know that a well-organized routine and a tidy home will set the stage for a successful school year. 

If you find yourself needing extra support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Reimagined – we’re here to help make your back-to-school transition as smooth as possible. Wishing you all a fantastic and productive school year ahead!