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How We Help You


Each session is customized to provide you with specific solutions to better organize your home, providing you less stress, and more time to spend doing what your love, resulting in a better quality of life.


Are your kitchen countertops full because your cabinets are overstuffed? Home Reimagined can help strategically organize your kitchen with logical placement and arrangement for a truly functional space.


Are your closets overstuffed – making it difficult and stressful to get dressed in the morning? Do you (or your family) have too many clothes that don’t fit, out of style or you just don’t like? Home Reimagined can help you pare down to a wardrobe that you love!


Can you park in your garage? Would you like to? Home Reimagined can help declutter your garage and be able to use it to its fullest extent.


Are you planning on major work to your home? Don’t just throw everything in a box! Home Reimagined can strategically organize your belongings, set up a temporary plan and unpack when the work is complete.


Bedrooms should be a place of relaxing and calm, but sometimes they end up as a dumping ground for extra stuff. Home Reimagined can help bring peace to your bedroom and make it the perfect resting spot for you.


Outdated and unused stuff typically clutters up a bathroom, making it more time consuming to get ready. Clear your bathroom for only the essential stuff to make mornings a breeze.



Is your playroom too stuffed for your children to find anything to actually play in there? Home Reimagined can help clear out the old and unused toys for a fun spot for your kids – and a few extra minutes of peace for you!



Getting ready to sell your home? Home Reimagined can help declutter and stage with what you have to get it “Photo Ready” and get top dollar. After a contract, help to organize before packing, and then unpack and get settled in your new home quickly.



Being organized at work directly affects the bottom line – are your employees wasting time looking for things? Are duplicate items being ordered because no one can find what they are looking for? Save time and money by organizing your office, work station, supply closets – and more!



Need help, but don’t live near RVA?

Try virtual organizing!

We’ll start with a virtual call where you can show me the space and we can discuss what your needs and goals are. We’ll determine the next steps that need to happen, and set a date for the actions to be completed. With accountability and a professional guide on your side, you’ll easily fall in LOVE ❤ with your home again!


"We can't recommend Ashley's service enough! She is an absolute magician when it comes to organizing your space. Not only freeing your mind but take a huge weight off when you walk into a space and everything is organized,things are put away where you can find them and uncluttered.

We have used her services multiple times when getting our house ready to put on the market, prep for photos and moving. Ashley is extremely motivated and visualize what needs to happen in a space. Very talented for sure!

Many of us hold onto way too much stuff that we simply don't need. Easy to say Ashley is a "purging expert"!

Unclutter your space....unclutter your mind! You won't regret it."

~ K.F.

"We hired Ashley after we moved into our new house and had a garage full of stuff that needed unpacked. Efficient and effective.. in 1 long day we handled what would have taken us days (maybe weeks) without her oversight, guidance, and elbow grease. If you want to just get it done hire Ashley and put it in her capable hands!"

~ R.C.

"Ashley is amazing at what she does. She came into my home and helped my family reorganize spaces that I have been trying to organize for more years than I care to admit. She has a great eye to see how a space should work for you and then sets up a plan to make it happen. I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed."

~ S.G.

“We wish to offer our appreciation to Ashley Stefanko for her recent organization of our home. We are now "Empty Nesters", having raised both children, and grandchildren in our home for the last 29 years. We have moved into a newly remodeled (and downsized) house, and were both excited, and apprehensive, concerning how and where to put everything. Ashley came in (highly recommended), started a dialogue with us, and went to work in our kitchen. We have based our home organization these many years on usage from four to five people, adolescents, to teens, to young adults. Ashley recognized that, and helped us to store everything based on our new, less responsible lifestyle. And she did it in about an hour and a half! We are truly grateful, and would cheerfully recommend her to help anyone with this need.”

~ J & D P.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ashley during a busy time in my life as I was trying to make a move while traveling a lot for business. Ashley assisted with so many of the details that I would have overlooked. She was there for anything I needed, to include shopping with me for everything one would need to furnish a new home, to working with the delivery companies to ensure a smooth process for which I was primarily absent. She helped me coordinate the deliveries and also assisted with the setup of much of my new home when I could not be present. She was of tremendous help and value as I knew I did not have to worry about how things were coming along while out of town for work. I unequivocally would recommend Ashley for any sort of event that requires planning or organizing. Her attention to detail and ability to know what I wanted was most helpful."

~ J.B.

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