After the Christmas chaos, decorations are packed away, new gifts have found a home and your home is looking perfect – OR IS IT??!?!?

January is a great time to start a home REFRESH – it’s the doldrums of winter, we are home A LOT and why not take a little time and LOVE your home again?

That’s why we are starting a home organization challenge concentrating on a different area of your home each weekend. First up, the BATHROOM. WHY? It’s typically an easy place to start to hone your decision-making skills – few sentimental items, products you either use or you don’t, and it’s an area that you use every day.


Some tips:

  • Make your bed and put a blanket or old sheet on top to protect the covers. It’s great to use to spread everything out and easier than using the floor.
  • Start pulling out everything from your bathroom and sort by category and sub-category. For example – make up/ eyeshadow, mascara, hair products/ gels, shampoo… etc.
  • Decide what you want to keep.
  • Figure out where it’s going to live – does it NEED to live in your bathroom, or could it be stored in the linen closet? Backstock of extras or towels would be a good example.
  • Decide on a container that best suits what you’re keeping.
  • Give your bathroom a good deep cleaning.
  • Put things back where it makes sense and LABEL.

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