January is a great time to start a home REFRESH – it’s the doldrums of winter, we are home A LOT and why not take a little time and LOVE your home again?

That’s why we are doing a home organization challenge concentrating on a different area of your home each weekend. How did it go last weekend with the weekend organizing challenge #2 – your CLOSETS? Do you find that it was easier to get ready in the morning? Did you have more space on your closet?

Next up – the KITCHEN!

I LOVE organizing kitchens. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it is essential that it functions well, and people know where everything is located. Typically, people’s kitchen cabinets are stuffed (how many coffee mugs do you REALLY need???), so items end up on the countertop and reduces the working space available. And maybe since you’re working from home, you find that you are cooking differently. Now is a great chance to really re-organize for the life you’re living NOW – especially if you know you’re not going back to the office for a while.

Some tips for organizing a kitchen:

  • The kitchen can easily become a catch all area of the home. Depending on the space you have, only crucial items should be stored in the kitchen. (A bottle of ibuprofen – yes. A whole entire medicine cabinet taking up the prime real estate in your kitchen – no.)
  • Pull out kitchen items and sort by category. This is the messy, tedious part but then you can really see all the gadgets and duplicates you have and possibly don’t use.
  • Decide what you want to keep.
  • Figure out where it’s going to live depending on the space you have (drawers vs. cabinet vs. pantry) and ask if it NEEDS to live in your kitchen or could it be stored in somewhere else? The huge lobster pot you use once a year? Maybe that can live in the attic or garage.
  • Drawer organizers can help neatly keep things in place.
  • Give the inside of the cabinets and drawers a good deep cleaning while empty.
  • Put items back where it makes sense – keep frequently used stuff at your fingertips and things used less often you can tuck away.
  • After the kitchen, move onto the pantry – toss the expired food and spices and you’ll be amazed how much space you have!

Kitchen before and after

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