January is a great time to start a home REFRESH – it’s the doldrums of winter, we are home A LOT and why not take a little time and LOVE your home again?

That’s why we are doing a home organization challenge concentrating on a different area of your home each weekend. How did it go last weekend when you organized the KITCHEN? Do you find that it was easier to prepare meals or put groceries away? Did you have more space on your counter?


You know, the annoying little items that are stuffed in drawers around your home – receipts, papers, junk mail, take out menus, old instruction manuals, old electronics and cords and MORE! These items might be hidden away so you or visitors can’t see them – until a door or drawer is opened. Or maybe you’re keeping them JUST IN CASE. The problem is that most of these items won’t be used in the future or just might be TRASH. But they are taking up valuable space or they keep you from finding what you are really looking for.

Some tips for organizing miscellaneous items:

  • Miscellaneous items are usually a pretty quick decision – you use it or you don’t. Also, there is usually not a sentimental attachment to items, so that helps, too.
  • Items can be found hidden in drawers, closets and cabinets. It’s messy but you can’t see it, so it’s easy to ignore – until you need to find something.
  • Sometimes it’s easy to work on one drawer at a time.
  • Gather items and sort by category. Decide where it’s going to live and where you can find it easy in the future.

We hope you have enjoyed the Declutter Challenge and are feeling organized to start the year off right! If you are still having trouble getting started, sign up for our newsletter and gain access to our FREE Declutter Quicklist. You’ll get our itemized checklist to help get the ball rolling, as well as even more spots in your home to declutter. Set a timer for 20 minutes and GO! At the end, either stop or continue. It’s that easy! If you need some assistance, encouragement, or just want to let me know how it goes…let’s chat! Schedule a call HERE.